June 15, 2024

Wikipedia 2023 Hit Parade: What Caught Everyone’s Eye

Wikipedia just dropped its top 25 most-viewed pages for 2023, and it’s quite the mix. From AI buzz to notable departures and the rise of Indian influence, these pages reflect what’s been on everyone’s minds.

What’s Trending?

Wikipedia’s had a whopping 84 billion page views this year, and the star of the show? OpenAI’s ChatGPT. This virtual chatbot broke records, pulling in over 49.4 million views. People were diving deep into the backstory and the tech behind this AI wonder.

Anusha Alikhan, Wikimedia Foundation’s chief communications officer, spilled the beans. ChatGPT gets its smarts from Wikipedia data, helping it answer questions better. That info comes from the work of human users and editors on Wikipedia.

Behind the Scenes

Alikhan pointed out that Wikipedia’s data helps train lots of big language models, including ChatGPT. The cool part? They don’t charge OpenAI for using their content, and they keep things ad-free and privacy-friendly.

The Top Dogs

Joining ChatGPT in the spotlight were bios of people who passed in 2023, the 2023 Cricket World Cup, the Indian Premier League (a Cricket league), and the movie “Oppenheimer.”

India’s Impact

India and Southeast Asia rocked the top 25. About 20% of the list hailed from that part of the world. India’s got a big say because it’s buzzing with nearly 4,700 active English Wikipedia editors. They’re right up there with the US and the UK.

India’s Internet Might

India’s internet users are on the rise, expected to hit 900 million from 759 million. No wonder Indian-centric topics like the Cricket World Cup got huge views. India’s love for cricket shone bright, with their team almost winning and player Virat Kohli stealing the show.

Bollywood Heat

Two action flicks from Bollywood, “Jawan” and “Pathaan,” also made waves on the list, outranking big American hits like “Barbie” and “Avatar: The Way of Water.”

Interesting Picks

“Barbie” made a ton of cash globally, raking in $1.4 billion, but “Oppenheimer” got more attention on Wikipedia, even though it earned over $950 million. Funny how that works, huh?


From AI craze to Indian cricket glory and Bollywood vibes, Wikipedia’s top 25 was a wild mix. It’s a snapshot of what caught our attention in 2023, showcasing a diverse range of interests from around the globe.